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About Us

Waves and Means Ltd is an innovative company supplying a unique range of educational resources useful to Maritime Training establishments. Resources have been carefully developed to assist and enhance the understanding of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (Col Regs).


Large class sizes have meant the delivery to oral preparation classes has been challenging for lecturers, particularly when explaining the application and interpretation of the Col. Regs. Experience has found computer-based packages less versatile with students much preferring ‘hands-on’ physical resources in order to deepen their understanding of the regulations.


Maritime Training aids, aligned to international IMO & STCW standards, have been developed by experienced maritime lecturers using their wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry. The training aids allow the lecturer to quickly set a shipboard scenario and question the student, effectively gauging their level of understanding.


To set the standard for maritime training aids. Gone are the days of using cigarette packets and board rubbers as training resources. 20 years’ experience of delivering lecturers and examining maritime students have led to the manufacture of a UNIQUE ROR and Buoyage Training aid.

Business Model

Service agreements established with wide range of shipping companies and STCW examination centres in the UK and abroad. Resource boxes now available in the products page.


Operating as a Limited Company with a fully qualified team of Ex-Seafarers and Maritime educationalists we are growing year on year. Our vision is to provide high quality training services and resources to all Deck, Engineering and ETO within all sectors of the Maritime Industry.

maritime training resources


  • Training Record Book Review
  • Maritime Training Resources
  • Col Regs Training Modules
  • IALA Buoyage Models
  • Flip Cards
  • Engineering Diagnostics
  • Fault Finding
  • Systems Analysis
  • Laminated Systems Diagrams

Our Markets

  • Training establishments
  • We supply training resources to a range of colleges
  • Examination Centres
  • The UK Merchant Navy is Governed by the Department for Transport, who we supply resources to
  • Shipping Companies
  • We provide a range of services and resources to many large blue-chip shipping companies
  • STCW Examination Centres
maritime training resources

Training Resources

We provide a wide range of products for Deck and Engine.

Deck Teaching Box Containing

  • Hand crafted ships and models and associated top marks useful to demonstrate authentic scenarios
  • Magnetic lightboard and coloured magnets as those used on STCW oral examinations worldwide
  • IALA buoyage region A & B enabling many different narrow channel scenarios
  • Cardinal and miscellaneous buoys together with associated top marks


  • Question and answer oriented main engine and associated service equipment, diagnostic, fault finding analysis and true or false evaluation fault finding
  • Full range of flip card flash cards

Our Clients

maritime training resources
maritime training resources
maritime training resources
maritime training resources
maritime training resources
maritime training resources
maritime training resources
maritime training resources
maritime training resources
maritime training resources

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