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The Teaching Box

The Teaching Box
for Classroom Table Top Delivery

£487 + £7.30 Postage

Each of the Training Aids comprise of a variety of vessels together with their 3D Day time signals, IALA Buoyage system Region A+B, together with a Powder Coated Light Board, coloured magnets and dry wipe Radar Plotter. Enclosed in a handy carrying case keeps all the models safely compact for traveling or storage.

Standard Aid comprise of:

  • Display Carry Dual Carry case
  • 10 vessels (see full list below)
  • Associated Vessel Day Signals (see full list below)
  • Free Standing Black Light board
  • 34 x 10 mm Coloured Magnet
  • Dry Wipe Radar Plotting Card (see full description below)
  • 18 IALA Lateral A+B Buoys
  • 16 Cardinal Buoys
  • 12 Miscellaneous Buoys
3-Dimensional Vessel Day Signals
  • Anchor Ball
  • Not Under Command (NUC)
  • Aground
  • Restricted in Ability to Manoeuvre (RAM)
  • Vessel engaged in Towing
  • Vessel engaged in Fishing + extended nets
  • Pd. Constrained by Draught. (CBD)
  • Sailing Vessel under power
3-Dimential Buoyage Top Marks
  • Port hand Buoy A + B
  • Stbd Hand Buoy A + B
  • North Cardinal
  • East Cardinal
  • South Cardinal
  • West Cardinal
  • Isolated Danger
  • Safe Water Mark
  • Special Mark
  • Emergency Wreck
  • Container Vessel
  • Tanker
  • Bulk Carrier
  • Passenger Vessel
  • PSV
  • Ocean Tug
  • Tug & Tow
  • Sailing Vessel
  • Naval Group
  • Other Vessels Available e.g. Super Yacht
Dry Wipe Radar Plotter

Can be used for the explanation and understanding of ARPA situations in all conditions of visibility. Either with trails and vectors or radar plotting revision. Easy clean with dry-wipe marker pens

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