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The Captain's Box

The Captain's Box a Maritime Training Aid
A Chart Table Display

£199.67 + £7.30 Postage

This smaller compact aid is suitable for personal use, for either an individual or a shipboard Continuous Professional Development (CPD) or many associated applications (where a fuller complement vessels and buoys due to space are unnecessary).

This Captain’s Box includes a refined selection of 6 Ship Models and their associated day time signals, together with a selection of each of the IALA buoys and top marks. The compact carry case incorporates a magnetic lightboard and magnets.

Captain’s Box, Training Aid comprises of:

  • Compact Carry Case Incorporating two magnetic light boards
  • 6 Vessels (see list below)
  • Associated Vessel Day signals
  • 32 x 10 mm Coloured magnets (Red Green White Yellow)
  • 6 Lateral Buoys A + B
  • 4 Cardinal Buoys
  • 4 Miscellaneous Buoys
3-Dimensional Vessel Day Signals
  • Anchor Ball
  • Not Under Command (NUC)
  • Aground
  • Restricted in Ability to Manoeuvre (RAM)
  • Vessel engaged in Towing
  • Vessel engaged in Fishing + extended nets
  • Pd. Constrained by Draught. (CBD)
  • Sailing Vessel under power
3-Dimential Buoyage Top Marks
  • Port hand Buoy A + B
  • Stbd Hand Buoy A + B
  • North Cardinal
  • East Cardinal
  • South Cardinal
  • West Cardinal
  • Isolated Danger
  • Safe Water Mark
  • Special Mark
  • Emergency Wreck
  • Container Vessel
  • Tanker or Bulk Carrier
  • Platform Supply Vessel
  • Tug and tow
  • Fishing Vessel
  • Sailing Vessel

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